2016 Walk a Mile in My Cape

Freedom House and Captain Kindness are known in Brantford for serving our city with kindness. Our strong volunteer team and heart to serve have given us amazing opportunities in so many areas of Brantford. We've been able to take Captain Kindness and 'Superhero In Me' workshops into local schools, run a concession stand during summer movie nights in Harmony Square, offer a free winter carnival, Frosty Fest, in the downtown core, perform The Living Nativity at Christmas time in the open square as well as many other kindness initiatives around the city... [...]
  • About Us

    Freedom House exists to ensure that everyone God sends our way lives in freedom. Freedom from the past and freedom to walk in the destiny He has

  • Church Life

    Sunday @ 10:45 am - worship and a relevant message from the Word of God.
    Tuesday @ 7 pm - intentional, passionate praise & worship @ Fusion.

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