Core Values

  • Authentic, Contemporary Worship : We are building people who are lifestyle worshippers. This is first – everything comes out of worship. We are worshippers before we are anything else. Jesus spoke clearly that our first and highest calling was to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. We have chosen purposefully and intentionally that we will establish a throne for His presence in our lives, homes, our church and our city. The presence of God is a must.
  • Ministry Centre : We are building a place of perpetual, effective ministry. We are not just building a church (we are the church), we are building a ministry centre. Many ministries will be raised up and released.
  • Team Ministry : We are building a team-led ministry; developing a team with diverse ministry gifting to effectively minister to God, the Church, the city and beyond.
  • Every Member a Minister : Every believer is gifted and it is the responsibility of the leadership team to equip and release each one. As much as possible, we will mobilize every believer into his/her destiny.
  • Extravagant Giving : We are building people who, in all areas of life, exemplify our extravagant God. In all areas of life (time/talent/treasures) we will exemplify the character of our extravagantly giving God.
  • Healthy Small Groups : We are building people through small, interactive groups. To assist in relationship building, discipleship, Pastoral Care, Leadership Training, task oriented ministries, etc.
  • City Transformation : We are building people who partner with other “life-giving” individuals and groups. We will network, strategize and work to change the spiritual climate over the city with the goal of city transformation.
  • Church Planting : We are building the Kingdom through healthy new churches. Our vision is to effectively plant new churches. Continuously completing the cycle of plant, grow, mature and reproduce.
  • Missions : We are building the Kingdom through obedience to the Great Commission.
  • Cultural Relevance :
    We are building the Kingdom through strategic, relevant ministry. We chose to analyze what’s happening in the culture and develop ministry to effectively reach the culture. This includes, but is not limited to: music, methods of communication, methods of outreach, use of media, etc.

Anointing and Excellence in Everything