Core Values

Love God

/Presence/ We prioritize the presence of God and working from the overflow of intimacy with Him.

/Hear God and Obey/ We desire to discern God’s leading and respond with obedience. We recognize His word through the scriptures, the person-hood and life of Jesus and the Rhema word of the Holy Spirit.

/Worship/ We put a high premium on living a lifestyle of worship.

/Unity/ We desire to protect the unity of the Spirit by keeping in step with the Spirit.

Love Each Other

/Community/ We are a community of faith becoming transformed people into the image of Christ.

/Freedom/ We prioritize personal transformation and the pursuit of freedom.

/Discipleship/ We are building disciplers – those being discipled who will disciple others.

/Unity & Honour/ We protect each other through honour, resolving issues directly and protecting unity.

/Integrity/ We are people of God’s word and people of our word. We are willing to risk in order to obey with our whole heart.

Love the City

/Apostolic-Kingdom Vision/ We live to participate in the mandate of city transformation, taking risks, walking in big faith in order to serve our city.

/Contribution/ Everyone is a minister designed to serve God and people with God given gifts, talents and anointing. We honour how God has made each of us.

/Kindness/ Faith expressing itself in love, demonstrating the love of God in practical ways.

/Creativity/ We are a people who want to use all our gifts to reach all of the spheres of influence in our city with the glory of the Kingdom.

/Unity/ It will take the whole church in the city to win the city. We value relationships with other churches and desire to work together to see the commanded blessing of God upon our city.

Love Extravagantly

/Generosity/ To be generous on all occasions with our time, talent, and treasure through kindness and going the extra mile!

Anointing and Excellence in Everything